Free Drum Kits (Updated 2024)

Are you struggling to find high quality, royalty free, easy to download, FREE drums and sounds for your beats? Have you been looking on every part of the internet scraping to find targeted styles of drum kits and sounds (ex. Trap, Modern R&B, BNYX Style, Kanye West style, Drake Style, etc.)?

Well suffer no more! Here’s the ultimate Drum Kits list, with 2024 updated, royalty free, standard industry quality sounds to elevate your music quality:

Metro Boomin “Heroes & Villains” Kit

The “Metro Boomin “Heroes & Villains” kit” includes sounds from the famous producer Metro Boomin, specifically his “Heroes & Villains” album. The pack contains the identic sounds from each track off of Metro’s album, in the highest WAV quality, plus they’re royalty free!
You can preview the sounds before downloading below:

Ken Carson & Destroy Lonely Kit

The “Ken Carson & Destroy Lonely” Drum Kit contains sounds from the music of popular rappers Ken Carson & Destroy Lonely. The highlighted sounds on this Drum Kit are the special heavy 808s, it also contains great Snares, Hi Hats, Crashes & more high quality sounds.
Here’s the preview:

Travis Scott & Wondagurl Kit Kit

The Travis Scott and Wondagurl Drum Kit contains sounds in the style of highly talented and frequent collaborators Travis Scott (on the producer role) and Wondagurl. The Drum Kit has high quality 808s, Claps, Snares, Percs & more sounds that you can get for free, plus use them on your music and keep all your royalties, as they’re Royalty Free!
You can preview the sounds before downloading here:

For All The Dogs Drum Kit

The Free “For All The Dogs” Drum Kit is made based off on the highly successful album from the highly successful rapper Drake. It has royalty free, high quality sounds varying from 808s, Claps, Snares, Percussion and more sounds to elevate your quality of your beats.
Preview the sounds before downloading here:

Utopia Drum Kit

Utopia Drum Kit is inspired and tailor made to recreate the feeling of the highly successful and influential project from Travis Scott – Utopia. It has some of the same sounds the official album uses, from 808s to Snares, Claps etc. But not to worry, they’re completely Royalty Free!
You can preview the sounds before downloading them here:

4Batz x Modern R&B Drum Kit

After getting his viral success from Tik Tok and then getting his foot in the industry with a Drake cosign, 4Batz found his sound to be very sought after. If you’ve been doing the same, scraping every part of the internet trying to find a Free 4Batz Drum Kit, then this is your lucky day.
Here’s your own copy of high quality, royalty free sounds in the style of 4Batz.
Preview the sounds here:

BNYX x Mike Dean Sound Pack

From working with Yeat, to going on tour and producing for Drake, BNYX solidified his status on the music industry with his special sound. If you’ve been looking for the sounds that BNYX uses on his beats, then look no more, you’re about to get them for free! Oh, and Mike Dean inspired sounds too (as a bonus).
Preview the sounds before downloading here:

Bossman Dlow x Detroit Drum Kit

The Detroit type beats took the world by storm in the last few years. So did Bossman Dlow, blowing up in early 2024 with his hard hitting beats that utilize the drum sounds from Detroit beats. Here we present you the essential sounds that you need to make those beats with our “Free Bossman Dlow x Detroit Drum Kit”.
Preview the sounds before downloading here:

Kanye West “Donda” Free Drum Kit

Kanye West, one of the most legendary hip-hop producers uses some of the most hard hitting, high quality sounds to make his music. Here’s a compilation of some of those sounds for you to download for free.
Preview them here:

[FREE DRUM KIT] Vultures x Kanye West x Ty Dolla $ign

Sounds from the highly controversial collab album from Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign.
Highest quality and royalty free,
Preview before downloading here:

You can also unlock and instantly download every sound included on this post from the link below:

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