How to Make Type Beats for YouTube

Upcoming music producers often turn to YouTube as a platform to show their talent and gain some recognition. One of the most popular ways to get attention on YouTube to your beats is making Type Beats, a style of marketing that uses the sound and style of a particular artist or producer to target people looking for it. This way, by posting Type Beats on YouTube with the artists style in the videos name, it helps with finding people that like that style. In this article, we will guide you through the process of making Type Beats for YouTube.

Understanding Type Beats

Type Beats are instrumental compositions that are inspired by a particular artist or producer’s sound and style. They often have a similar tempo, melody, and overall vibe as the artist’s work. Type Beats are popular on YouTube as they allow artists to easily find instrumentals in the style they like, and provide an opportunity for up-and-coming producers to showcase their skills and reach such artists.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Type Beats

1. Select an Artist or Producer

The first step in making a Type Beat is choosing an artist or producer whose sound and style you want to make. It is important to choose an artist whose music you are familiar with and enjoy, as this will make it easier to create a beat that accurately feels like their vibe and sound.

2. Analyze the Artist’s Sound

Once you have selected an artist or producer, the next step is to analyze their sound. Listen to their music and pay attention to the tempo, melody keys and sound selection, characteristic drums (specific 808s, snares), and overall vibe. Take notes on the elements that define their sound and style.

3. Choose a Tempo and Key

Based on the analysis of the artist’s sound, choose a tempo and key for your Type Beat. The tempo and key should be similar to the artist’s music, but not an exact replica. Experiment with different tempos and keys until you find the perfect combination that accurately represents the artist’s sound.

4. Create a Melody and Chords

Once you have chosen a tempo and key, the next step is to create a melody and chords. Use the artist’s music as inspiration, but make sure to add your own unique touch to the melody and chords. Experiment with different sounds until you find the perfect feel to the style. You can also find Royalty Free Melodies on Looperman. You can search for melody styles (aka Loops) based on the style you need.

5. Add Drums and Percussion

After creating the melody, the next step is to add drums and percussion to the beat. Use the artist’s music as an inspiration, but make sure to add your own unique touch to the drums and percussion to showcase your own style and creativity. Experiment with different sounds and patterns until you find the perfect combination.

6. Mix and Master the Beat

Once you have created the beat, the final step is to mix and master the beat. This involves adjusting the levels of each element, adding effects, and making sure that the beat sounds cohesive and polished. Use reference tracks from the artist’s music to ensure that your beat sounds similar in quality and style.

Tips for Making a Great Type Beat

  • Be authentic: While it is important to imitate the artist’s sound and style, make sure to add your own unique touch to the beat.
  • Experiment with different sounds: Don’t be afraid to try new sounds and instruments. This will help you create a unique and memorable Type Beat.
  • Keep it simple: A great Type Beat doesn’t have to be complicated. Through our experience, artists migrate towards the more simpler beats.
  • Use high-quality samples: Use high-quality samples and sounds to ensure that your beat sounds professional and polished.
  • Practice makes perfect: The more you practice making Type Beats, the better you will become at imitating different artists’ sounds and styles.


Making Type Beats for YouTube is a great way to showcase your talent and get some eyeballs on you as a music producer. It still stands as the number one strategy for a new producer to get their music found by artists. By following the step-by-step guide and tips outlined in this article, you will be able to create Type Beats that accurately represent the sound and style you target, growing your audience in the process.

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