How To Use Sound Packs And Drum Kits On Your Beats

If you’re a music producer, you know how important are good sounding sound packs and drum kits for your music creation process. From where to find them, to how to use them and implement them to your style, we’ll show you how to do it all on this article.

What are Sound Packs and Drum Kits?

Sound packs and drum kits are folders of sounds made for producers to use on their music. They usually are ready made to drag and drop to your project. These packs normally include a variety of sounds, such as kicks, snares. hi-hats, basslines, 808s, percussion, melodies, and FX. The samples are usually organized and named by category, making it easy to find the sounds you need.

How to Choose the Right Sound Pack or Drum Kit

When choosing a sound pack or drum kit to buy or download for free, it’s important to know what style you’re looking for.. Different packs and kits are designed for different genres or type beats, so make sure you choose those that fit your needs. You should also consider the quality of the samples. Look for packs and kits that contain high-quality, professionally recorded samples that will help your tracks sound the way you intend. You can get some free quality ones here.

Where To Find Free Sound Packs And Drum Kits

There’s websites like Looperman that allow users to post royalty free sounds for everyone to use. You can find sounds and drums by searching up specific sounds or using keywords to find what you like.

How to Install Sound Packs and Drum Kits

Most sound packs and drum kits come with installation instructions that are specific to the software you use for music production. In general, however, you can follow these steps:

  1. Download the sound pack or drum kit from the internet.
  2. Unzip the files.
  3. Locate the folder where your music production software (DAW) stores its samples.
  4. Copy the unzipped files into the software’s dedicated samples folder.

Once you’ve installed the sound pack or drum kit, you should be able to access the new samples within your music production software.

How to Use Sound Packs and Drum Kits in Your Beats

Now that you’ve installed your new sound pack or drum kit, it’s time to start using the samples in your beats. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Experiment with Different Samples

Stretch them, pitch them up and down, use different volumes and velocity, or just drag and drop!

2. Layer Your Sounds

Use layers on melodies to make them sound rich and full. Make sure instruments frequencies don’t clash with each other.

3. Use Effects to Enhance Your Sounds

Effects like reverb, delay, distortion bring life to sounds. Use them as tools to show your creativity. However, sounds usually come off the box sounding ready to use, so sometimes drag and drop does the job!

4. Don’t Overuse the Samples

As per the tip before, very often in music production less is more. As much as we all feel tempted to use every sound there is on a project, be mindful to leave room for the artist (assuming you’re making instrumentals) to lay vocals on top. Using too many sounds may not work with the vocal.


Sound packs and drum kits are very important to music production. By following these tips, you will be set to use the sounds of your choosing to make professional sounding music and updating your sound.


Q1. Are sound packs and drum kits free?

A1. Some sound packs and drum kits are free, while others require a purchase. You can find a variety of options online.

Q2. Can I use sound packs and drum kits on any music production software (DAW)?

A2. Most sound packs and drum kits come in .mp3 or .wav file, so you should be able to use on any DAW of your choice.

Q3. How do I know if a sound pack or drum kit is right for my genre?

A3. You can usually find information on the genre of a sound pack or drum kit from the product description or from reviews of the product. Make sure to choose a pack or kit that is specifically designed for your genre of music, however you could also go by ear. It it sounds good you can bend the rules.

Q4. Can I customize the samples in a sound pack or drum kit?

A4. Yes, you can customize the samples in a sound pack or drum kit to fit your specific needs. You can adjust the volume, pitch, and effects of each sample to create a unique sound.

Q5. How often should I use sound packs and drum kits in my beats?

A5. There’s no set rule on how or when to use your sounds. As long as the final product sounds good, everything is allowed in music.

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